COVID 19 (Week 3): Port Operations Update

 Country  Mauritius  Port   Port-Louis
 Year  2022  Week  3 (17 Jan - 23 Jan )


Borders re-opened since 1st October 2021. Commercial flights have resumed and will gradually increase as need be.

No more travel restrictions for fully vaccinated arriving passengers with valid COVID-19 insurance health cover.

All passengers have to show a negative PCR test within 72 hours before departure from the country of embarkation.

COVID Testing (rapid antigen test) will be done on arrival and on day 5 of your stay. Non vaccinated passengers must, on top of the above requirements, book a 14 day quarantine hotel and remained confined in their rooms for the first 14 days and will only be allowed outside the hotel after a negative PCR test on day 14. 

All commercial flights from South Africa, have resumed since the 12th of Jan 2022 and passengers coming from these countries are now allowed entry or transit as per existing protocol applicable.

More information can be found on :

The Quarantine Act has been extended till 31st Mar 2022.

Port access is being restricted since 15th August to holders of Covid-19 vaccination certificate or holders of negative PCR tests dating back less than 7 days.

The port of Port-Louis is open and the following services are authorized : 

1.    Delivery of Bunker fuels  
2.    Repatriation of crew after negative Covid-19 PCR test. 
3.    Embarkation of crew after 14 days quarantine and negative Covid-19 PCR test. 
4.    Rapid Embarkation of crew through Sanitary corridor (vaccinated crew only)
5.    Delivery of Provisions, stores, spares, Lube Oil 
6.    Delivery of Fresh water by barge alongside and at anchorage
7.    Renewal of SSCEC 
8.    Repair works 
9.    Disembarkation of weapons only (For PMSC) 
10.  Embarkation of Weapons only (For PMSC) 
11.  Vessels will have to be cleared by Health Authorities which require to have the body temperature of all crew members over the past 7 days 
12.  Crew are allowed to go ashore for short periods after negative Covid-19 PCR test, subject vessel has been at sea for more than 14 days since last port. 


•    Medical disembarkation under the strict control of the MRCC and the Health Authorities through the sanitary corridor protocol

COVID-19 Update (Mauritius) as at 17.01.2022 (World odometers):  

Total number of infected persons                                                                                 24,850
Number of currently infected persons                                                       1,453     
Number of deceased                                                                                      762
% Population Vaccinated                                                                                      82.1%