IBL Shipping Company Mauritius: Specialised Vessel: what Is A Drill Ship?

30 Nov

Drill ships are special purpose ships which are used for drilling in the bottom of the deep seas. Such offshore drilling ships in relation to their operational peers are considered to be as a safe and sure option for extracting oil and gas at sea.

Though drill ships look like a tanker or cargo vessel, there are a couple of major differences. Drill ships are equipped with a drilling derrick and moon pool.  Moreover, drill ships have extensive mooring or positioning equipment along with a helipad to receive supplies and transport staff.

These vessels offer mainly an easy transportation as compared with the semi-subs and other kinds of ships that are used to carry out drilling operations in high seas.

Drill ships are ships designed by nature to provide maximum operationality while on water, thus making it easy for the conglomerates to undertake their services for better results in the overall scheme of drilling viability and functionality. Drilling vessel can also be used as an analytical vessel to carry out sub-water researching operations in the high seas.

The drilling equipment aboard these vessels can in fact penetrate to greater depths. And can be transferred in the high seas if need be. Likewise, the drilling equipment aboard the oil drilling vessels can also be utilised to shoal areas to carry out the necessarily required maritime operations. 

In order to let them stay stable in water, these equipments like GP systems exceedingly strong support cables and ground tackles to keep them firmly positioned in the drilling area.

Drill ships contain a crane-like framework to hoist and lower the required drilling apparatuses from and into the water from a hatchway specially constructed to pass through the vessel, into the water depths to help the process.  This process of the offshore drilling ships makes them highly cost effective, and conductive to the high seas drilling. 


In view of carrying out offshore drilling, oil rigs (equipments or machines) are utilised. Many offshore oil drilling companies remove crude oil, which is then filtered and used in many different areas. There is so much of preparatory process involved before one can actually start the process of subsea drilling. One among them is that it has to be made sure that the area is reasonably less hazardous on the marine environment and eco-system.


In terms of initiation drilling ships were pioneered by American maritime engineers as a means to tackle the unpredictable maritime conditions in and around the country's Pacific coastline in the mid-century.  From their innovation till now, various technological developments have stated the believability of the drill’s hips.  This has further pointed out its utility and functionality in the totality of the international drilling sector.

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