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14 Mar

Shipping Company Mauritius: 5 Ways to Sustainable Logistics

Today cost-effective, sustainable solutions are more accessible to enterprises than in the past. Furthermore, COVID-19 has taught the society to improve environmental sustainability.

Here are some sustainable logistics practices you can follow up for your business for a greener environment footprint.


Focusing on sustainability is a key problem for the production model and the supply chain.  This practice maximises usage of resources and eliminates those required.   These include reducing waste, reusing when practical, and recovering to prevent resource waste.  Doing so degenerates savings that raise the cost-effectiveness of the distribution process apart from helping the environment.


To manage ecological and social sustainability, companies should replace outdated trucks with eco-friendly vehicles and use lower-carbon fuels like biofuel. Many eco-friendly products available on the market improve on previously laid down practices.  More industries engage green transportation alternatives like hybrid or electric cars, eco-friendly train systems, and sea cargo.  

By using clean energy, powered electricity and water recycling technologies, businesses can also reduce distribution facility's emissions.
Wind and solar energy have fewer effects on the environment and use less fossil fuel and electricity.


Placing the data at the heart of supply chain operations enables businesses to work more efficiently and effectively.

Improving freight collaboration, material, and goods tracking with an open logistics ecosystem connects business partners to manage logistics operations better by monitoring the real-time transit methods and identifying the best alternatives.  Also, business can eliminate the danger of empty miles by loading vehicles to maximum capacity, which is both environment and their bottom lie.

To enhance delivery services, you need to collect data.  Customers can specify when they will be at home to accept the goods, for instance, using some delivery applications. This brings down on unnecessary trips to vacant homes.  

Finding out where your packages are delivered and how well they are being received might help your logistics operation have a smaller carbon footprint.


With the rise of the last-mile delivery emissions, logistics companies continually seek ways  to lower their carbon footprints. This is one of the main indicators of genuinely sustainable supply chain logistics

Central distribution warehouses are an excellent way to cut last-mile emissions since they bring businesses closer to customers. The business benefits from lessened delivery costs and time and increased flexibility to reduce supply chain disruptions.


Ensures that you are doing business with other green companies so that every link in your supply chain is sustainable and green.
Going paper free in the workplace and going digital can lessen your environmental impact. There are specialised software solutions that calculate a fleet’s carbon footprint.  This data facilitates organising transportation routes and loads to make them more efficient and sustainable.

IBL Shipping Company Mauritius assists in your plan for a sustainable logistics by giving you an unprecedented look at your supply chain operations. 

IBL Shipping Company in Mauritius
27 Feb

IBL Shipping Company Mauritius: What Is A Shipping Warehouse


A warehouse is a protected location for products to be kept before they reach the customer's doorstep. Otherwise, products can be damaged, lost or stolen, thus, manufacturers will lose revenue.

Once a product is ordered, they have the staff and equipment necessary to prepare the product for delivery A shipping warehouse serves as a storage, receiving, sorting, packing and shipping facility all in one.

To facilitate the transport process, warehouses are normally found near shipping ports, airports and trucking companies,

Modern warehouses have the latest and safest handling equipment. With technology warehouse shipping process is not complicated

The technology also keeps the warehouse shipping process simplified by helping employees to find items easily and get them ready to pick up quickly.

Software programs manage the logistics and keep track of inventory to increase efficiency.  Shipping warehouses undertake many small tasks so the business owner can concentrate on managing their company and making sales.


Implementing technology, which has been part of our life, helps to speed up tasks more accurately.  One of the principal benefits for companies with these warehouses is the lower running costs.

Most of the work is carried out by Robot and drones thus human has less work to do. This leads to an easier and far better operation. Picking and shipping are done quicker and fewer packing errors are made.


This software boosts inventory management, maximizes storage by indicating where products should be placed, and records the process of receiving, stacking and picking products.


This is generally the first-come, first-served approach to shipping. The items received first are the first to be selected for delivery.


Perishables with the earliest expiration date are picked first.


A shipping warehouse accomplishes several tasks for the shipper, from sorting to packing and labelling shipments. From the moment that the order is received, several steps are taken before the customer receives the product.



Once the customers place their order, a copy is sent to the shipping warehouse.  Inventory is checked to make sure the product is available, then the shipping address is verified, it is brought together with other orders sent to that address and prepared for pick-up.


The product is located, picked, and packed with the suitable packing materials at this stage.  After that, the shipment is weighed and a carrier is selected.


This is where the shipment is forwarded to the delivery carrier and the shipping information is updated.  The customer and the company that own the product are notified that the order has been carried out.

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19 Jan

IBL Shipping Mauritius: How to Travel the World by Yacht

Imagine travelling the world by yacht, daydream about it, envision it: exciting adventures in faraway places. Make your dream comes true.

On board the ship, there will be an experienced captain to safely run the ship to accomplish your dream destination while other members of the crew will ensure you receive the best service on board.

Travelling the world by yatch, you will have to plan well. Below are some steps to help you plan the world trip by yatch.


Make a travel list, classified by importance, interest, and convenience.  Think of how long you are going to spend in each place.  Take the weather and seasons of each place into consideration.  You should also think about whether there are any special festivals or events that you would like to attend.


Find out as much as you can about the places on your destination list. Read articles, guide books, watch documentaries and video on You Tube.


Making a travel budget is an important part of planning your vacation. You can estimate, plan, and track your travel expenses for accommodation, meal, transportation along with visa and border fees.


It is not secure to carry too much cash because if your wallet is stolen, your cash is lost. Use a credit card instead.  Pick a card that does not charge foreign transaction fees and includes fraud protection. 


Before travelling, make several copies of your passport, and visa. You can save the scanned copies on secure cloud storage as well.  In case you lose your documents or they are stolen, the copies will be accessible.


For some countries you have to present a travel visas, some even require transit visas. Make some inquiries in advance in case there is a change.  In general, many countries that require a visa to enter will require at least six months validity on your passport when entering the country, so make sure you check your passport expiration date. Checking the number of empty pages in your passport is also important.


Now that you have found out your route, check what vaccination you need and get them done in advance. If you have to take any medication, make sure you take enough on board. Keeping a list of emergency contact numbers is also a good idea.


Get travel insurance that will cover all expenses for health issues, emergency medical assistance, trip cancellation, and delay, loss luggage and personal belongings, and anything else you need to be covered.


Make a packing list and start packing days or even weeks, before your departure date to ensure that you do not forget to take something important.

Enjoy the world exploration on board the luxury yacht.  Take fantastic photos, capturing wonderful sea and landscapes, watch animals like arctic foxes, polar bears, etc.., or swim in the azure water someplace in the ocean.

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21 Dec

IBL Shipping Mauritius: Celebrating New Years Eve Christmas On A Cruise

Christmas and new year's cruises give you quality time to spend with friends and family without the stress of organizing parties, shopping, cooking and cleaning.


From the moment you arrive on board you will be greeted by carollers singing your favourite songs. You can spend Christmas Day out on the glittering sea, relax on deck and unwind with friends and family as they do all the cooking.

You and your family and friends will love the vast selection of Christmas activities available. Kids will be delighted by the visit of Santa and you all will enjoy delicious Christmas food with all trimmings on a cruise.


Relax on a perfect beach, explore a sophisticated town, etc. If you want a Christmas in paradise, get your feet wet in the waters of the islands and experience the rare pristine beauty of the islands. From a Christmas cruise lightning spectacular and the astonishing decorations to themed entertainment and specially planned festive menus. You will be in Christmas paradise in a flash. And the best part is that you will not have to lift a finger, which give you more time to enjoy paradise with your loved ones.


You do not have to get sick of queuing for a venue, getting trapped in traffic on New Year's Eve or getting squashed amongst the crowds.

Entertain yourselves from delicious dinners to bars in many establishments and venues which are open till late, with water views and live music.

Aboard cruise you will enjoy a big theme New Year Eve party on the top deck with a live band and DJ conducting the festivities. You do not have to worry about the party ending.

As for the next day's clean up, the cruise has got chores covered while you sleep in through the morning.


Spend New Year's Eve cruising among white sand beaches, livestones caves, jaw-dropping cliffs.  Cruise can take you on a scenic tour of the best natural destination in the southern hemisphere or to a tropical paradise in the Pacific Islands.

Celebrate right in the middle of the ocean at a themed memorable New Year's Eve party.  Bar hop for the live music in every venue, then join the celebrations on the top deck, where you can dance the night away to a live band and DJ and countdown to midnight under the stars.

Then on New Year's Day, revive yourself by relaxing by the pool.  Or if you are at port, get up and about with a Shore Tour when you can explore tropical beaches. Walk through lush rainforests or snorkel among amazing coral, a perfect way to celebrate the start of a new year. Or if you are out on the water, why not splurge on one of the speciality dining options.

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30 Nov

IBL Shipping Company Mauritius: Specialised Vessel: what Is A Drill Ship?

Drill ships are special purpose ships which are used for drilling in the bottom of the deep seas. Such offshore drilling ships in relation to their operational peers are considered to be as a safe and sure option for extracting oil and gas at sea.

Though drill ships look like a tanker or cargo vessel, there are a couple of major differences. Drill ships are equipped with a drilling derrick and moon pool.  Moreover, drill ships have extensive mooring or positioning equipment along with a helipad to receive supplies and transport staff.

These vessels offer mainly an easy transportation as compared with the semi-subs and other kinds of ships that are used to carry out drilling operations in high seas.

Drill ships are ships designed by nature to provide maximum operationality while on water, thus making it easy for the conglomerates to undertake their services for better results in the overall scheme of drilling viability and functionality. Drilling vessel can also be used as an analytical vessel to carry out sub-water researching operations in the high seas.

The drilling equipment aboard these vessels can in fact penetrate to greater depths. And can be transferred in the high seas if need be. Likewise, the drilling equipment aboard the oil drilling vessels can also be utilised to shoal areas to carry out the necessarily required maritime operations. 

In order to let them stay stable in water, these equipments like GP systems exceedingly strong support cables and ground tackles to keep them firmly positioned in the drilling area.

Drill ships contain a crane-like framework to hoist and lower the required drilling apparatuses from and into the water from a hatchway specially constructed to pass through the vessel, into the water depths to help the process.  This process of the offshore drilling ships makes them highly cost effective, and conductive to the high seas drilling. 


In view of carrying out offshore drilling, oil rigs (equipments or machines) are utilised. Many offshore oil drilling companies remove crude oil, which is then filtered and used in many different areas. There is so much of preparatory process involved before one can actually start the process of subsea drilling. One among them is that it has to be made sure that the area is reasonably less hazardous on the marine environment and eco-system.


In terms of initiation drilling ships were pioneered by American maritime engineers as a means to tackle the unpredictable maritime conditions in and around the country's Pacific coastline in the mid-century.  From their innovation till now, various technological developments have stated the believability of the drill’s hips.  This has further pointed out its utility and functionality in the totality of the international drilling sector.

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IBL Shipping Mauritius
21 Sep

Shipping Company Mauritius: Things To Consider While Choosing A Shipping Company

Shipping, and logistics are the foundation of  every business thus, it is important to choose the right company. With everything online now, it is necessary for businesses to be equipped with the highest tech, the top partners and the best services to ensure they keep on assisting their client's needs while maintaining room for growth.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Shipping Company:


The first thing to consider is your budget. How much do you have to spend and how to spend it effectively. There are different pricing for shipping companies. Make sure to compare the pricing model for each shipping courier. 

Multi -Carrier Options

Instead of sticking with a single courier, outsource to multiple couriers which will increase the range of your delivery and reduce the global cost of shipment.
The more options you have with couriers, the more chances  you have to arrange better rates, maintaining the rates low, while also increasing your audience size  now that you can reach areas that your current single carrier might now reach.

Dedicated Support

There is nothing wrong to track down a lost package while dealing with a delay in response, or even an unresponsive, shipping company. 
This is why your partnered shipping company should be with someone you can trust. 

Your partnered shipping company should  offer the following:

  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Over The Phone Support
  • Email Support

Shipment Tracking/Technology

This is great both for you as a business  owner, as one of your customers. 
You will have to make sure that the company you are working with has the proper infrastructure  in place to enable tracking and also a way to offer you easy access where you can view the data points. 

Shipping Solutions

You have to  make sure that the freight company will offer all the shipping services that your company needs.

Laying down a strong foundation of shipping services, that are all interlinked to well serve your shipping needs, is the outstanding feature(s) for any shipping company.

Ecommerce Integration

You just have to view only one place to find all the necessary information that you need. From package order information to the various app integrations and the data they are sending back about your business's status. 

Services Match Your Needs

Make sure your partnered shipping company matches the requirements that you are expecting from them. 

Ask question whether they do offer air shipping? Only freight? Railroad?

How fast can they expediate a package, and how well do they carry on with the facilitation to  get your products to increase distributors across the region?

It is important to align up your needs with the shipping company before handing off the work to them.

Focus on finding established, reliable shipping companies that can help solve problems. Contact IBL Shipping Company Mauritius which is the right one for your business.