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IBL Shipping forms part of IBL Group, which is the largest business conglomerate incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius. Our wide-ranging activities and long-established experience in the maritime field make us a major player in this sector and one of the best shipping agencies in Port-Louis.

From our main base of operation in Mauritius and our extensive regional network, we provide reliable port agency services in Port-Louis and the Indian Ocean to support our principals in their maritime activities. 

Mauritius is on the trade route for:

  • Well-established East-West commercial exchanges
  • Trade between industrialized countries of the Northern Hemisphere and many developing economies of the South.

Port-Louis has positioned itself to become a strategic bunkering hub.


Customers we serve

We provide world class comprehensive Agency services to all types of ships calling at Port Louis including :

  • Cruise Lines
  • Specialized vessels
  • Luxury yachts
  • Liners
  • Fishing vessels/Reefer ships

If you are looking for a Reliable Agent with:

  • Qualified personnel
  • Ethical behaviour
  • 24/7 Professional Services
  • Affordable Rates

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Our Services

IBL Shipping has been offering its services to the main stakeholders of the Shipping Sector since 1850 :

  • We provide comprehensive Agency services
  • We supply Marine Products at competitive prices
  • We provide logistics support and ancillary services to all type of vessels

Our Regional Presence...

IBL Shipping
FDM Complex No.2,
Freeport Zone 21,
Mer Rouge 11609,
Port Louis, Mauritius

Latest News

Latest News
06 Feb


3 Cruise ships are expected to call Port Louis for the month of February with a total capacity of more than 4,200 passengers.The first one, the MS ARTANIA arrived on Saturday the 4th. 2023 cruise season will extend until the 11th of May and resume as from the 17th of November.